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Classic Moments in MMA I:Hello Japan!" Shinya Aoki submits David Gardner (x).

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Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs Mike Kyle

Getting cut from the UFC was probably the best thing for Johnson’s career. After the cut, he went on a 6 fight winning streak with wins over David Branch, DJ Linderman, Jake Rosholt, Mike Kyle, and former UFC Heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. Not to mention it got him to stop making the ridiculous weight cut down to 170lbs. Now in his more natural weight class of 205lbs, he’s set to make his return to the UFC and in the co-main event spot nonetheless. He’ll face fellow wrestler Phil Davis in the co-main event of UFC 172 this Saturday (April 26th).





This was taken in Australia. Three separate things happening at once: On the left, fireworks exploded as part of Australia Day celebrations. In the middle, it’s Comet McNaught. Then on the right, there’s lightning from a thunderstorm far away.

i dont care if this has nothing to do with the blog its just sick

on ya ‘straya

oh my god this is so cool

This happened in January 2007. NASA got a bigger version of the photo here along with an explanation. Photo by Antti Kemppainen

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#no one is more frustrated with the state of the human condition than steve harvey is

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The price of being a superhero them and now by Bob Al-Green

Makin’ infografix

The 60s batsman also had a batacopter, a bat computer and fifty hundred different bat stuff. So this inaccurate



My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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Look at the thisssss

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"Raven what’s on your face.

It is me”

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